Virtual, augmented and mixed reality

The Virtual Reality headset is a headset that has lenses and motion sensors to track the movement of the head. It allows you to watch 3D videos or immerse yourself in 3D video games.

What are the most popular VR headsets?

  • Oculus Rift for PC (Oculus Rift, Oculus)
  • Sony’s Morpheus for PS4 (Sony Morpheus, Project Morpheus)
  • The Vive of HTC & Valve for PC (HTC Vive)
  • Samsung’s Gear VR for Mobile (Samsung Gear VR)
  • The Google Cardboard from Google for Mobile (Cardboard), pay attention to the appellation because there are other Cardboard

The principle of virtual reality is to create a simulation as close as possible to reality so that the user moves and interacts with this virtual world.

The principle of augmented reality is to use the real world to display information in 2D or 3D (numbers, images and texts). The user can interact with this information. This technology superimposes virtual elements to our real-world view. The real world is thus increased with digital information that can provide more details about its environment.

Mixed reality is a mixture of virtual reality and augmented reality, there will be the superposition of digital information that is numbers, images and texts in the real but also the superposition of living elements or objects.


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