Neuralink, a society that wants to multiply the intellectual capacities of the human

Elon Musk has launched a new company called Neuralink that aims to create a neural interface to treat diseases such as epilepsy. Then, this neuronal interface, could allow the brain to communicate directly with our computer to multiply our intellectual performances. Faced with the rise of artificial intelligence, according to Elon Musk, this neural interface would allow us to compete with this artificial intelligence by increasing our intellectual capacities at will. This interface would also save our memory and our thinking.

This would be to increase the human by increasing the capacity of our brains through cerebral cords that will be connected to a computer. These cerebral cords would pass the devices through the vessels of the neck, so as not to open the cranial box. These devices are intended to stick between neurons and vessels to dope neurons, and allow access to databases, the internet or the cloud.

Currently, humans, like you and me, use devices like the computer or mobile phone, which can be considered as extensions of ourselves, but the interfaces (fingers and voice) are very slow. The idea is to accelerate these interfaces, with various means such as, for example, a neural cord proposed by Neuralink.

In the future, AI will play an increasingly important role and present until we become dependent on the AI ​​or dominate us. It is therefore likely that in the future, various processes will allow humans to compete with AI to prevent our lives from being too dependent on AI.

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