Virtual and Augmented Reality Show 2018

This weekend, there was the 2nd edition of the virtual reality and augmented reality show (Virtuality 2018) in Paris. More than a hundred companies in virtual and augmented reality presented their products in this show. This show was a good opportunity to discover the latest innovations in this field and to test virtual and augmented reality headsets. The general public could experience virtual and augmented reality, for example, it was possible to test an airplane cabin, visit a museum and fly in a balloon virtually. Some exhibitors at this show were proposing to test augmented reality applications on mobile. For example, by scanning an image on a pizza box or a box of cereal, the mobile application will reveal a lot of information about the product or offer a game on mobile. There was also a company that introduced holograms in order to attract customers to a product. Virtual and augmented reality can be used in many different sectors: health, training, education, security, tourism, entertainment, industry, marketing, etc. Many conferences were organized. There were a lot of people in this show, so virtual and augmented reality is getting more and more interest from the general public and it’s a technology that has a lot of potential.


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Nicolas Chen is the Founder and President of OpenDeepTech. He is also a Software Development Engineer who worked in many companies in various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, medical, robotics, data science, machine learning and deep learning.

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