Backflip of the humanoid robot Atlas

The Boston Dynamics humanoid robot Atlas has managed a back flip. Rushing his arms, he jumps and makes a back flip. During the landing, he finds his balance perfectly with small lateral and vertical movements. This is a real feat that has achieved with this back flip of Atlas because no other humanoid robot is able to do that. Atlas has evolved a lot since its first appearance in 2012, the prototype was still called PETMAN. Each year, Atlas has continued to evolve with new features, he can now walk, jump, throw a block of concrete, carry loads, get up when he falls and now he can do a back flip.

To maintain its balance, Atlas must manage in real time, all the information of the gyro sensors (to maintain the balance), make corrections in the distribution of its weight and react in a fraction of a second to any imbalance.

The control of bipedalism is one of the difficult areas of humanoid robotics, so it is a major advance in robotics.

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