The Internet of Things and its applications

The Internet of Things, refers to the network used by connected physical objects to communicate with each other. Each physical object is identified by a digital identifier through a wireless communication system (RFID chip, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). Currently, there are approximately 8 billion objects connected to the Internet and some research firms have estimated that there will be between 30 and 75 billion objects in 2020 like connected bracelets, toys, photo frames, medical devices, sensors earthquakes and planes.

The interest of connected objects is to provide useful information such as maintenance reports and to self-diagnose. Thus objects such as hard disks, sensors, cars and planes can identify their potential failures or detect their end of life.

Connected objects thus find many applications such as:

  • logistics: sensors that are used for traceability for stock and routing management
  • the environment: sensors that monitor the quality of the air, noise, temperature, etc.
  • home automation: communicating electrical appliances, thermostats, smoke detectors, presence detectors, connected security systems
  • health and well-being: connected watches, connected wristbands and sensors monitoring vital constants

In aeronautics, connected sensors can be used in aircraft engines to monitor the status of aircraft engines in real time and thus manage them remotely in the event of a breakdown. In telecoms, the arrival of 5G will allow to pass a huge mass of information and will accelerate the Internet of Things. In the automotive sector, cars could communicate with each other to improve road safety.

To conclude, the development of connected objects will profoundly change society because the Internet of Things concerns many sectors and connected objects are almost everywhere. The huge amount of data will also make possible the development of smart cities, smart and connected cities that aim to optimize the costs, organization and well-being of the inhabitants.

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