The two new Boston Dynamics robots

Boston Dynamics has designed two new robots that add to their collection of dynamic robots. This is Handle and SpotMini.

Handle is a biped robot on wheels with great agility. It is a robot that consists of a humanoid bust and two wheels instead of feet. This hybrid robot is composed of a gyroscopic stabilization system and two articulated legs. It is 1.98 meters high, it can evolve at about 15 km / h with a range of 25 kilometers. It can also jump up to 1.2 meters high over obstacles. Although Handle is able to do a lot of things like transporting a 45 kg suitcase, it’s more of an “R & D” robot and has no vocation to be marketed. Handle that combines the legs and wheels, is also equipped with a torso that is none other than that of the Atlas robot and Atlas modified arms. The wheels are perfect for flat surfaces and the legs can go anywhere, so the combination of wheels and legs is the best of both worlds.

SpotMini is a robot that moves like a dog with all four legs and battery has a duration of 90 minutes and weighs only 30 kg (25 kg without his arm articulated on the back). He can also climb stairs, lean under an obstacle, put a dirty glass in the dishwasher or throw trash in a garbage can. However, he must often be guided by a human to carry out his action.

We can see that Handle is a robot that does not really have concrete applications in our society, but can demonstrate the expertise of Boston Dynamics in terms of agility of their robots.

Regarding SpotMini, we can see that this robot could be a domestic robot and thus find applications in homes, but for the moment, SpotMini needs human assistance to perform complex tasks such as filling a dishwasher.

Handle and SpotMini are the two Boston Dynamics robots that join the family of robots such as SabdFlea, RHex, BigDog, Wilcat, LS3, Spot and Atlas.

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