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This is a newletter of AI/ ML learning resources, mostly recently announced at F8 event at San Jose in May 2nd,2018.

PyTorch version 1.0 released, a new framework that merges Python-based PyTorch wirh Caffe 2 allowing developer to move from research to production. Getting started with PyTorch is now so much easier! Check out the release notes, tutorials and guide.

Tutorials: https://pytorch.org/tutorials/

Conferences & Meetups:

1 – 2/5: Facebook Developers Conferences F8 in San Jose City, CA

12/05: Facebook Developer Circle Hanoi F8 Meetup and other F8 Meetups in the world

Check it out:



Deep learning with PyTorch (Manning MEAP)

Link: here

Deep Learning with PyTorch teaches you how to implement deep learning algorithms with Python and PyTorch. In addition to pdf and kindle format, you can also listen to it with LiveAudio. Great sample code that goes along with the book.


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Hung Le Thanh is a Community Lead at Facebook Developer Circle, he worked in various companies such as FPT Software and Google. He animates and presents various workshops in blockchain.

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